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"Ἀνέστη Χριστός, καί πεπτώκασι δαίμονες. Ἀνέστη Χριστός, καί χαίρουσιν Ἄγγελοι. Ἀνέστη Χριστός, καί ζωήν πολιτεύεται. Ἀνέστη Χριστός, καί νεκρός οὐ...

Πασχαλινός Χαιρετισμός 2020 από την Γερόντισσα Θέκλα

Για τις Άγιες ημέρες της Μεγάλης Εβδομάδας και του Πάσχα...

Pascha Greeting 2020 by Gerondissa Thekla

For these holy days of Holy Week and Pascha...

Το Μυστήριο του Ιερού Ευχελαίου

"Δέσποτα Χριστέ, ἐλέησον τούς δούλους σου."

The Holy Unction Service on Holy Wednesday

"Master Christ, have mercy on Your servants."

Eμπειρικά Βιώματα

"Αν εμείς είμαστε «όπως πρέπει» τότε είναι δυνατόν αοράτως να μας κοινωνούν οι Άγιοι Άγγελοι..."

Life Experiences

"If we would be as we should be spiritually, then it is possible noetically to receive Holy Communion from Holy Angels..."


Visits to the monastery are restricted until further notice.

2020 Monastery's Annual Fundraising Dinner

The Monastery's annual fundraising dinner will take place on Sunday February 23rd 2020 at 5 p.m. at the Chateau Royal Reception Halls (3500, boul. ...

Cancellation of Divine Liturgy

Due to severe freezing rain warning...

Discourse on Theophany

Many celebrate the feast days and know their designations, but the cause for which they were established they know not. 

The road that leads to hell

Hell can't be made attractive...