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Quality Orthodox Christian books in the Greek language recommended for all ages, sold by the sisters of the Monastery. Worldwide shipping available. Ελληνορθόδοξα βιβλία στα Ελληνικά για όλες τις ηλικίες πωλούνται από τις αδελφές της Μονής μας. 

“One should nourish the soul with the word of God: for the word of God, as St. Gregory the Theologian says, is angelic bread, by which are nourished souls who hunger for God.” St. Seraphim of Sarov

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Λόγια Καρδιάς
  • $35.00
Prayer Book, pocket edition in Greek
  • $24.00
The Psalter, pocket edition in Greek
  • $24.00
Theotokarion, pocket edition in Greek
  • $28.00
Η Τέχνη της Σωτηρίας - Τόμος Α΄
  • $35.00
Great Horologion, pocket edition in Greek
  • $32.00
Μέγα Προσευχητάριον
  • $45.00