Sunday of the venerable Fathers of Mount Athos

On the Second Sunday of Matthew we celebrate the memory of all the Venerable Fathers, who have shone forth on the Holy Mountain of Athos.
Who can recount your struggles, O most blessed fathers? Who can worthily praise your fasting, the vigilant soaring aloft of your mind in unceasing prayers, the irresistible call of your conscience to the virtues, your mortification of the flesh, your war against the passions, your standing all night, your ever-flowing tears, your humble-mindedness, and your victories over the demons, the multitudes of your spiritual gifts, how ye stood firmly for piety in the face of all, even to the shedding of your blood and to death? Wherefore, O ever-memorable ones, ye have been crowned as victors by Christ. Pray ye earnestly for us who honor your holy memory with faith.
Doxastikon of the Aposticha tone 8