Rejoice and pray, by Elder Ephraim of Arizona

Rejoice and pray.
Yes, my children, the Jesus prayer, protects us from the traps and the snares of the devil. It caresses and brings sweetness to our heart, it pushes away the awful feelings of the demonic thoughts. Without the prayer we are dead (and I, the useless one, first).
If our Jesus visits us, then everything is put in order by the Holy Spirit and we live the inexpressible peace of heaven, which transcends all understanding...
May the prayer of our Jesus be our nourishment, our drink, our oxygen and our breath.
This prayer is an atomic bomb against the devil, this is the reason it is so difficult to keep the prayer while breathing and in our heart.
Try to guard your nous (mind) from wandering here and there. Distraction brings to the nous all the junk, from the worldly dirt and garbage, in our soul, resulting in dirtying all our psychosomatic being and while being in this state, the grace of God leaves our soul and we are left feeling a weight on our conscience...

Εlder Ephraim of Arizona