Commemorate your living loved ones-Paraklesis services 2020

"Preserve and save, O Theotokos, your servants from every danger; after God do all of us for refuge flee unto you; you are a firm rampart and our protection." From the service of the Small Paraklesis to the Theotokos
Pain, fear, difficulties and the uncertainty of the future have spread their wings and have taken over the whole world. Everywhere you feel the suffocation, the biological and spiritual isolation; from where will the help come from?
Only the grace of God is not limited to human measurements, it is not scared of germs or death. Only Christ is the conqueror of death and the giver of life, and the intercessor to Her son is the Panagia, His mother.
She bears the burdens of all the people. She heals the sick, comforts the ones in pain, softens the bitterness of the grieved; She is the hope of mothers and of all the people.
In honour to the Panagia, the church has placed a 15 day period fast before Her Dormition, and has included a daily supplication prayer which we call the “Supplicatory canon to the Panagia”. We ask of the Lady Theotokos to help the world and commemorate names of our living loved ones which we especially ask Her help for.
It is an opportunity now to pray all together during these services and because it is impossible to always be with us, you can send the names of your loved ones and by this way to be spiritually close to us and be under the protection of the Panagia during these days.
May the grace of our Panagia the Consolatory always be with you. May She protect you, shelter you and defend you, and may She grant health and consolation to all those that believe in Her grace. Amen.