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Quality Orthodox Christian books recommended for all ages, sold by the sisters of the Monastery. Worldwide shipping available. 

“One should nourish the soul with the word of God: for the word of God, as St. Gregory the Theologian says, is angelic bread, by which are nourished souls who hunger for God.” St. Seraphim of Sarov|

Les soeurs du Monastère offrent une gamme variée de livres de foi chrétienne orthodoxe pour tous les âges, disponibles a être expédiés partout au monde. 

«Il faut nourrir l'âme avec la parole de Dieu, car comme le dit saint Grégoire le théologien, la parole de Dieu est un pain angélique par lequel sont nourries des âmes nourries qui ont soif de Dieu." Saint Séraphim de Sarov

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Theology of Illness
  • $24.00
Theotokarion, pocket edition in Greek
  • $28.00
Thirsting For God In A Land Of Shallow Wells
  • $24.00
Thoughts For Each Day Of The Year
  • $30.00
To The Lord For A Loved One Who Has Fallen Asleep
  • $8.00
To The Mother Of God, Healer Of Cancer
  • $8.00

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To The Mother Of God, Nurturer Of Children
  • $8.00
To The Mother of God, the Inexhaustible Cup
  • $8.00
Travelling Companions
  • $28.00
Ultimate Things
  • $28.00
Unquenchable Fire
  • $28.00
Unseen Warfare
  • $32.00
We Shall See Him As He Is
  • $28.00
What do you know about Icons?
  • $55.00
With Pain And Love For Contemporary Man- vol 1
  • $45.00
Words of the Heart
  • $48.00
Wounded by Love
  • $35.00
Γνώσις και Βίωμα της Ορθοδόξου Πίστεως
  • $28.00