Blessed feast day of the Life-giving Spring.

"Let us sound the trumpet in hymns, O lovers of feasts,
and leap for joy in the water;
let us form a choir and sing praises to the water that never ceases to flow from the Life-giving Spring!
Let rulers assemble and give thanks for the kindness of the Spring!
It has saved kings and, by a touch, has raised up the infirm from their beds.
All you people, gather together and draw the saving water;
the afflicted shall be delivered and the endangered shall gain spiritual strength; the thirsty shall be refreshed and the blind will receive their sight; the deaf shall hear and the sick shall be cured!
Let those who have lifted their hands in thanksgiving
draw the waters of salvation that flow forth to all the faithful
Let us all cry out to the pure Virgin:
“As thou pourest forth the ever-living streams from the Source,
do not cease to intercede for thy servants!”
Doxastikon of the aposticha, tone 5 from the Vespers service