A huge "Thank you" to our friends from Ottawa!

A huge heartfelt “thank you” to our spiritual brethren and friends from Ottawa for their support and love towards our Monastery throughout these years. Once again, they have proven this, during this Covid-19 pandemic which is a difficult period for everyone, through this poster being a gesture of love. We know that the ones that participated are only a small percentage representing everyone else that would want to be on this poster but were not able to. This poster is limited in space and could obviously not fit everyone, but in our hearts, in our daily prayers you all have a place.

We especially want to thank the following:

Father Alex & Presvytera Maria Michalopulos and family and the parishioners from Koimisis G.O. Church

Father Aleksandar & Presvytera Radmila Gujanicic and the parishioners from St. Stephen Serbian Orthodox Church

Father Nektarios and Khourieh Mireille Najjar and family and the parishioners of Prophet Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church

Deacon Yakoub &  Khourieh Caty Daoura family

George & Pinelopi Karlis family who had the wonderful idea

Dr. Michael & Tassy Vassilyadi family

Ioannis & Katerina Makrodimitris family

Anna & Meni Reklitis family

Steve & Doris Ramphos family

Chris & Susie Mouroukas family

Thodoraq & Zaira Shteto family

Michael & Martha Kokkaliaris family

Marwan & Dimitra Farah family

Gino & Maria Bertone family

James & Georgina Karlis family

Angelis & Ioanna Koutsos family

Kosta & Vicky Stavrianeas family

Emmanuel & Asha Skoulas family

Ioanna Kantartzi and family

Hannah-Michaela & Asefaw Kidane family

Sandra & Nick Lahham family

Christos &  Nibal Alexandridis family

Leonidas & Mary Gravas family

John & Magdalene Mouroukas family

Albert & Eleni El-Haj family

Kostantinos & Maria Ntatsioulis family