The Sarantaleitourgon 2020 - Forty days Divine Liturgies

Commemorate your loved ones during the "Sarantaleitourgo", Forty-day Divine Liturgy...

The blessed period of the Christmas Fast is approaching and along with the fast, the forty-day Liturgy begins. We will be given, once again, the opportunity to commemorate the names of the living as much as the names of the reposed.

The blessing of the forty-day Liturgy is always exceptional; be it for the blessing of our home, our family, for the souls of the departed, for the sick, or for any type of need and for all mankind.

The necessity for this year is so much more imperative, it is truly vital.

With the threat of the pandemic and the existing precautions, only a few have the capability to be present inside the church during the Divine Liturgy. How will the ‘prosforo’ along with the names reach the church? How will the names be commemorated?

God’s love though and stewardship enlightened the Holy Fathers and decreed the enactment of the forty-day Liturgy, for the particular blessing of the devout and for the repose of the souls of the departed. In such a difficult period, the forty-day Liturgy is our only resort, our only comfort and only hope.

So my brethren, let us not lose the chance which is given to us from the holy church. Let us give the names of our loved ones to be commemorated in the forty-day Liturgy which always takes place at our monasteries and at many of our parishes in the cities.

With the grace and help from God, this pandemic will pass and every other difficulty that accompanies it will come to calm. Our homes will be filled with blessings, with God’s grace and that of the Panagia, His Mother the Consolatory.

I wish you all a good winter, good strength, good health, and enlightenment in all and for all. May Panagia be your protectress, your consolation and assistant in all your needs. Amen.    

To truly understand the power which the forty-day Liturgies have, I will narrate an event that took place years ago in Greece, which I had read as a child… 

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Commemorate your loved ones during the "Sarantaleitourgo", Forty-day Divine Liturgy...