On the New Year by Saint John Chrysostom

[…] The whole year will be fortunate for you, not if you are drunk on the new-moon [New Year’ Day], but if both on the new-moon [January 1st], and each day, you do those things approved by God.
For days come wicked and good, not from their own nature; for a day differs nothing from another day, but from our zeal and sluggishness. If you perform righteousness, then the day becomes good to you; if you perform sin, then it will be evil and full of retribution. If you contemplate these things, and are so disposed, you will consider the whole year favorable, performing prayers and charity every day; but if you are careless of virtue for yourself, and you entrust the contentment of your soul to beginnings of months and numbers of days, you will be desolate of everything good unto yourself. […]

Excerpt of a homily on the New Year by Saint John Chrysostom

Let us, therefore brethren, take heed in Saint John's counsels and admonitions. Let us not perform sin but righteousness, prayers and charity to our fellow brethren and welcome the secular New Year* with Christ in our hearts. Amen.

*the Ecclesiastical New Year is celebrated in the Orthodox Church on September 1st