Lyrics of the Greek Christmas carols in english

The following is a simple translation of the lyrics of the Greek Christmas Carols sung by the sisters of the monastery on the video.

Good evening brethren, if this is your will, Christ's holy birth may I sing in your monastery.

Christ is being born today in the town of Bethlehem; heavens rejoice, all of nature is happy.

Inside the cave (He) is being born in a manger for horses, the King of all the universe, the Creator of everything.

A crowd of angels are singing, "Hosana in excelsis", And holy is the faith of the shepherds.

From Persia three magi arrive with their gifts, a bright star shows them the way without any delay.

They arrived in Jerusalem, and asked with fervor where Christ is born, so that they may find him.

When Herod the King heard them, he was shocked et became furious, and feared that Christ would take over his kingdom and he would lose his glory.

In the monastery where we are, may no stones or walls ever crack and fall apart and may this monastery lead us to the angelic life.

If we have bothered you, we ask you for forgiveness and we pray to God that we will be always together and never be separated from each other.