Elder Ephraim of Arizona on Love

Love is the most beautiful Flower within the garden of virtues which collectively comprise the bouquet of discernment.
It is the most vivid Color within the rainbow of the evangelical Heaven.
It is the Pearl of greatest price on the crown of faith.
It is the Key that opens all the doors of human relations.
It is the Medicine that cures every illness of the soul and body.
It is the Mirror with thousands of reflections of God.
It is the happy Smile of spring.
It is the most melodious Note of life.
It is the evangelical and angelic Anthem of Heaven.
A certain Saint would pray with these words:
“O Lord, allow me to help others, not for others to help me. Give me the strength to love, not to be loved. Give me the strength to be understanding, not to be understood.”
Love, the way it was taught by our Lord, not the way it is misunderstood and distorted by people, is an expression of sacrifice.
It is like a spiritual aroma. [Eph. 4:18]
It belongs to the heart, as a fruit and offering of our disposition.
Love is not measured by WHAT you give, but according to HOW you give.
Love is not stretching out your hand only, but giving your heart as well.
If you know how to share yourself with others then you know how to love!
“For God loves a cheerful giver” [2 Cor. 9:7] says Paul to the Corinthians.
God loves the merciful person who gives eagerly, with a cheerful face and with his own free will.

May we have his blessing.