Urgent help appeal - water damage & late winter storm


Dear brethren,
After the beautiful and successful event of "Mikra Asia" on February 25th 2024, for which we sincerely thank you, we prepared and entered the holy period of the Triodion and the Great Lent in preparation of the glorious Resurrection of our Lord.
Unfortunately, the hater of mankind who does not rest and does not let us rest either brought upon us many temptations. The water pipes of the residence, built in 2002, once serving as a guesthouse where the sisters are now residing, burst and started leaking one after the other. We had no choice, two days into Great Lent, but to cut open section after section in order to change all the water lines in the whole residence. Upon doing this, of course, the sisters had to move out and find a place to stay. Due to the restricted in space areas of the monastery, the sisters had to seek hospitality in the neighbors' homes. It is very much appreciated and some sisters are still living there.
Upon coming to a near end but not quite with the pipe repairs, still remaining to close with dry wall, plaster and paint, the winter storm hit us on April 3rd 2024, leaving us once again without electrical power and telephone lines.
The electricity has not yet been restored and all the necessary equipment are running continuously on the generators since the 3rd of April. As you know from the previous storm, the generators running the equipment and operations of the monastery cost us thousands of dollars daily.
As you understand all these unexpected repairs and problems have a financial impact on our sisterhood. We ask and implore you to find it in your heart and offer any help you can, small or big, to alleviate and help us cover these unexpected expenses.
We thank you and pray that our Mother of God the Consolatory may always protect you and your families and may you have a blessed remainder of the Great Lent.
With much love in our Lord we embrace you,
Abbess Thekla & the sisters in Christ