Urgent Roof Repair


Roof project

Dear brethren in Christ,

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who responded to our urgent need to repair the roof. Through your loving donations (both online & offline) this project was fully completed.

May our Mother of God the Consolatory grant consolation and protection to you and your families always.

With infinite gratitude,

Abbess Thekla & the sisters in Christ


We are in urgent need of your help for the roof repair!

The Monastery’s main building roof is in bad state of disrepair. The problem has to be solved before the heavy winter.

For a few years now, rain water and the melting snow has been infiltrating in the roof Roof projectstructure and drips significantly in the kitchen, the bakery, the dining room and in some of the sisters’ cells. This resulted in the deterioration of the gyprock and the plywood. This is a serious problem that could not be neglected because it could result in wall contamination and mold growth in the walls that could affect the health of the sisters.

The following needs to be done:

  1. Correction of the ventilation in the attic
  2. Replacement of the rotten plywood and wood
  3. Adding insulation to avoid heat loss and ice accumulation
  4. Installation of metal roof tiles

The total cost of this repair is $120K.

Any donation is welcomed to alleviate the financial burden of this project!

Please Donate!