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How much we trouble about our health…

It is remarkable that, however much we trouble about our health, however much care we take of ourselves, whatever wholesome and pleasant food and drink we take, however much we walk in the fresh air, still, notwithstanding all this, in the end we sicken and corrupt; whilst the saints, who despise the flesh, and mortify it by continual abstinence and fasting, by lying on the bare earth, by watchfulness, labours, unceasing prayer, make both their souls and bodies immortal. [...]


The struggle of the departing soul

While the dying person addresses his last words to us, suddenly his tongue is at a loss, his eyes dim, his mouth falls silent, his voice is paralyzed when the Lord's troops have arrived, when His frightening armies overwhelm him, when the divine bailiffs invite the soul to be gone from the body, when the inexorable lays hold of us to drag us to the tribunal... Then the angels take the soul and go off through the air. There stand [...]

Prayer helps the departed souls

There where once on Mount Athos at St. Paul’s monastery two elders from Cephalonia. Fr. Constantine and Fr. Demetrios from Pyrgi, whose mother’s name was Maria. Fr. Demetrios received a letter informing him that his mother had passed away; no telephones were yet available. Fr. Demetrios approaches Fr. Constantine and tells him: - Fr. Constantine, can you please recite a forty day prayer rope for my mother (one complete prayer rope every day for forty days). -I will, he said, may [...]