Great Horologion

Great Horologion


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Translated from the Greek, The Great Horologion is the most complete translation in existence containing various services for Orthodox devotion and prayer. Indispensable for the divine services either in church or at home. For Paschal hymns and services see also The Pentecostarion.

*Hardbound, 908 pp., 2 color printing. 8 X 11.5 inches


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Part One provides the order of services with complete texts and Lenten variants for the Midnight Service, Matins, the Hours, Vespers, Small and Great Compline.

Part Two contains the Menologion, which gives a short description of the Feast or Saint celebrated for each day of the year, with Dismissal Hymn and Kontakion; the Triodion and Pentecostarion, which give the same for these movable feasts; Troparia of the Resurrection in the Eight Tones, Troparia for Weekdays, and Theotokia; the Katavasiae for the Seasons of the year; and the Eclogarion, which contains the psalmic selections used for the Polyeleos.

Part Three contains Akathists to our Saviour, the Theotokos and the Cross; Supplicatory Canons to our Saviour, the Theotokos, the Guardian Angel and to the Angels and All Saints; the Communion Prayers; an alphabetical index of Saints and Feasts, and a Paschalion through the year 2100.