Construction Project

Aside from the nuns’ objective of spiritual ascent, prayer and constant contact with God, their goal and ongoing endeavorIMG_0496 is to provide a holy service for the pilgrims’ weary souls. It is for their sake that they undertake to extend the monastery edifices – aside from their own growing functional requirements- on the one hand, and to provide guest houses and reception service space into existence for pilgrims and people in need, on the other.

In the spring of 2009, the building project of a pavilion for the sisters’ needs begun. The building will house the 22 sisters who are now sharing 16 rooms in two different buildings, far apart from each other. There will be an infirmary, workspaces, a kIMG_0497itchen and a dinning room, an office, a library and two chapels to solely serve the needs of the nuns. By accommodating the sisters, facilities will be available once again to receive pilgrims. Upon starting this project, other needs of landscaping came about increasing, therefore the total cost of the project. Financial aid is needed to make possible the continuance and completion of the project. One can offer money, expertise, material, equipment or anything that could be necessary in the project. According to the church fathers by offering alms to monasteries we relieve the monastics slightly from their material burden allowing them hence to sacrifice more time to prayer and their spiritual work. In this way, the monastics pray for their benefactors and everyone benefits from their prayers.

You can offer a donation by credit card or by sending a check or money order to the address below. Donations can be made in whole amounts or monthly payments over a certain period of time. If you wish to help otherwise please contact the sisters of the monastery. “Blessed are the merciful for they shall find mercy.” (Mt 5:7) Give and you will receive God’s blessings. You will be counted worthy of His grace and you will be eternally commemorated in the Monastery’s divine liturgy: “For the builders of this holy monastery let us pray to the Lord… Lord have mercy”, (from the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom).


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