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Saint Thekla’s Feast Day 2018

It will be an immense joy and a blessing to have your presence amongst us for the celebration of Saint Thekla, the Protomartyr and Equal-to-the-Apostles. For complete schedule Ιδιαίτερη χαρά και ευλογία θα μας δώσει η παρουσία σας  στην εορτή της Αγίας ενδόξου Πρωτομάρτυρος και Ισαποστόλου Θέκλας. Πρόγραμμα ακολουθιών:  

Saint-Mammès cheese

Le Troupeau Bénit Cheese Factory & Saint-Mammès cheese

The sisters' cheese factory is dedicated to Saint Mamas. He is the patron Saint of their cheese factory. One of their cheeses is named after the saint "Saint-Mammès", in french. It is a goat & sheep firm ripened cheese that was dedicated to this early Christian Saint. May he intercede for us. *The Saint-Mammès cheese is sold by the sisters at their boutique, at some IGA and several cheese shops all over Quebec.

Team Stratos Memorial Walkathon

Join us for our first memorial walk, Sunday, September 16th 2018 at 11:30am at the Vierge Marie la Consolatrice Monastery. We will take a quiet 5km walk around Half Moon Lake lasting approximately 1h45min. The walk will start and end at the monastery grounds where we may then light a candle at the church. Register for our First Walkathon and/or support us by collecting donations. If you are unable to join us on our walk, you may contribute by donating [...]

St Mamas

Saint Mamas, the great martyr

On this day, we commemorate the Holy Great Martyr Mamas. The Saint was born in Asia Minor in the 3rd century to pious parents, Theodotus and Rufina, who were arrested by pagans, for their open confession of their faith. Saint Mamas was delivered prematurely by his mother, who died right after, in prison. A rich Christian widow named Ammia reverently buried the bodies of Sts Theodotus and Rufina, and she took the boy into her own home and raised him [...]