Monthly Archives: June 2016

Le périple de la prière

Le navigateur, tant qu’il navigue, a les yeux aux étoiles, il règle sur elles la marche de son bateau et attend qu’elles lui montrent le chemin vers le port. Le moine a les yeux à la prière : elle dirige sa marche vers le port imposé à sa course. Le moine ne cesse de diriger ses regards sur la prière pour qu’elle lui montre l’île où jeter l’ancre sans risques pour embarquer des provisions avant de mettre le cap sur [...]

A Christian must be courteous to all

“A Christian must be courteous to all. His words and deeds should breathe with the grace of the Holy Spirit, which abides in his soul, so that in this way he might glorify the name of God. He who regulates all of his speech also regulates all of his actions. He who keeps watch over the words he is about say also keeps watch over the deeds he intends to do, and he never goes out of the bounds [...]

The Apostle’s Fast

The apostle’s fast will only be held for two days this year. It begins tomorrow on Monday, June 27th 2016 and ends on Tuesday, June 28th 2016. This is a period of fasting similar to the Nativity fasting period, where we abstain from meat, meat products, fish, dairy products, oil and wine. The fast will end on the feast day of the Apostles Peter and Paul, on Wednesday, June 29th 2016. Since the feast falls on a Wednesday only [...]

Iconography in Monastery’s Chapel

The royal doors of the church's iconostasis were written (hand painted) by the sisters of the Monastery through the gracious generosity of a donor, who wishes to remain anonymous for the glory of God. The icon depicted is the Annunciation of the Theotokos, when the Archangel Gabriel announced to the Theotokos that she shall conceive Christ through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Above the Theotokos and the Archangel Gabriel are the Prophets David and Isaiah holding scrolls with prophecies from the [...]

On Patience

The life of the human, my child, is pain because he lives in exile. Do not demand perfect rest. Our Lord lifted His cross, and so we too shall also lift ours. When we patiently endure all tribulations we will receive grace from Christ. This is why our Lord permits temptations. He tries our zeal and our love towards Him. We are needful of patience. Without patience, man cannot become practical, he cannot learn about spiritual matters, and he [...]

The leave-taking of Pascha

The leave-taking of the great and holy feast of Pascha Today is the last day of Pascha. Each major feast of the Lord and His mother, on the Church calendar, has an Apodosis (leave-taking) that comes, normally, at the end of the cycle of the feast.  The hymns for Matins, Vespers, and the Divine Liturgy are repeated as on the first day of the feast except for some readings.  For Pascha, however, the Leave-Taking is on the 40th day, always [...]